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Mentorship '23


The embodiment of MOVEMENT provides a deep insight into our essence and gives us more clarity on this level -> HUMAN INTERACTION plays a very big role in this process. Movement is much deeper than just the physical practice. It is about a manifestation of access to yourself through Movement! It is about the way of how you practice, the art of how you move and the way you interact with humans themselves, that creates a deeper connection within yourself and with others.

Karimu Samuels | Holistic Movement Practice

Karimu Samuels | Holistic Movement Practice



In this Mentorship Program you will experience:

- writing your own self-written book | lecture

- creating your own Movement Map 

- an understanding of how you affect other people through movement

(Human Interaction)
- a deeper understanding and connection with your body:
 how to move and use your body mentally, physically & intentionally
- rediscovering your body through diverse & more complex movements 
- to learn where your weak spots are in your body and start to fortify them 
- Interdisciplinary Movement Complexity
- evolving and transforming yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone a thousand times
- learning how to let go & how to surrender!
- confidence in your appearance, your personality, your body awareness

"Each part of your body has its own consciousness. Learn how to bring awareness into every single corner..."


Movement is life. Life means to make experiences. Therefore it is about getting to know your body and yourself in a new way. Movement is about PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Stepping out of your comfort zone every single time to become the best version of yourself (physically & mentally).


This mentorship provides an extremely safe space for experimentation for all levels - you don't have to be an advanced mover to begin at this level. Whatever your level of experience is, you will get to learn the scale and the range that these movement methods & exercises can be applied to.


It's about defining yourself in a completely new way - to learn how to move your body and mind in more diverse, complex and also graceful ways.


"There's no growth without the interaction with others"


is to deeply understand, that there’s NO limitation or problem that can't be solved - NEVER! 

There's always a solution for a problem. If there's no solution for a just didn't find the solution yet! My gift for you is to show you what that means and how to solve any problem that exists! Discover your SELF. Become your own MASTER.

TOOLS for a lifetime

  • Methodical series on how to scale exercises

  • Self-made-Movement Map 

  • Learn how to be creative in the use of objects

  • Leadership Skills (guidance on what it means to be a good student and more importantly a good coach)

  • How to integrate MOVEMENT into your life on a daily basis



Module 1 - Organic Flow

This first module show you the bottomline of your physical limitations. You will learn the real fundamentals of "how to become supple and fluent" and get an understanding of how your body is designed in its origin, to start using the full potential of our human body's functionality in the most economic, graceful and efficient way!

Module 2 - Partnering | Human Interaction

This second module is all about learning how to work with partners and to get a deeper connection within yourself through human interaction. "The more you let go, the more it comes" is a quote that everybody knows. Unfortunately most of us aren't able to work with this because we have too many limiting beliefs, ego issues and so on - holding back this beautiful potential that everybody has inside of him-/herself is no longer allowed. By exploring the beauty of letting go, your movement quality will increase in a way that you won't even believe! 


The last module is all about musicality! Footwork, full body coordination tasks, dance patterns, body percussion, pure energy, connection on the highest level with earth, yourself and all the ones around you. Playfulness is part of this module!