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Being able to move our human body in its complexity is an art. I will teach you the way how to sensibilize the art of motion in this mentorship program. We will look at different areas in order to get a better understanding in how to use our body in the most economic, organic & efficient way possible. 

What you get

8 hours per day

5 days compact

40 hours of training

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Single Practice




How to be a good student

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40 hrs Mentorship Program

The Movement Mentorship Program is a 40 hour compact training program that runs for 1 week (5 days). The Mentorship will take place in Berlin in August 2022. In order to maintain high quality, the spots are limited to 5-10 people. The program includes 8 hours of movement training per day, which is examined in theory as well as in practice. This mentorship program is suitable for anyone who's interested in diving deeper into the world of movement or who wants to get a better understanding of themselves and their body in terms of strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, sense of distance, rhythmic, timing, reaction & momentum. Whether you are a yogi, crossfitter, athlete, martial artist, fitness enthusiast, or just interested in reconnecting with your body and mind, this program will help you unlock your full potential!

Ideally, you are interested in placing yourself in the Movement field as a trainer in the future. 

A 400 € NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve your place.

Price 1.500 €

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