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Step into a world of effortless movement with Learn How to Move program, a transformative journey to discover fluidity, strength, and freedom in every movement. Experience a holistic approach, guiding you from stiffness and disconnection to a life of dynamic motion and effortless motion. Rediscover the joy of playful movement and build a foundation of functional strength, all while crafting a deeper connection and an improved awareness to create physical confidence.


  • 90 prerecorded lessons

  • Structured Online Program

  • Unlimited access for 12 months

  • PDF Training Plan


  • Unlock Effortless Movements

  • Learn a broad Variety of movement

  • Strengthen Body-Awareness

  • Improve Mental Clarity and Calmness

  • Personal Growth and Self-Mastery

  • Structured Progression

  • Spine Fluidity

  • Increased energy flow

  • Mind-Body harmony

  • Improved Overall coordination & balance

  • Functional Strength

  • Learn How To Move Program

    Designed to transform stiffness into grace & power, blending strength, flexibility and harmony.
    Valid for 12 months
Learn how to move online Program x Karimu Samuels
  • Unlock Fluid Movement: Learn techniques to overcome stiffness, enhancing spine flexibility and whole-body fluidity.

  • Enhance Coordination and Balance: Introduce new movements that improve your coordination, making every step confident and graceful.

  • Strengthen Body-Mind Connection: Deepen your awareness and focus through exercises that unite physical movement with mental clarity.

  • Build Functional Strength: Gain strength that is not only visible but functional, shaping your body through natural, effective movements.

  • Improve Mental Clarity and Calmness: Reduce stress and enhance mental focus with movement practices that clear the mind.

  • Personal Growth and Self-Mastery: Overcome personal barriers and build confidence through improved body awareness.

  • Structured Progression: Follow a structured training plan that guides you from beginner to advanced levels, ensuring safe and effective progress.

  • Ensuring that no matter the weather or where you are, your practice remains fulfilling and achievable.

  • Who Is This Organic Flow Intensive For?
    Everyone! This intensive is for anyone who is curious enough to go deeper on a physical, mental and emotional level - who wants to re-connect to their authentic self, awaken their bodies & create physical and mental freedom. Anyone who feels limited by their current physical and mental state. Whether you're a busy professional, a parent juggling multiple roles, or someone simply looking to enhance their quality of life, this Intensive is your gateway to a more fulfilled and capable you.
  • Where does this INTENSIVE take place?
    It's taking place in BERLIN.
  • How Does The INTENSIVE Work?
    We gonna spend 8 hours per day together (for 5 days in total). Practical Movement Practice and Theoretical Sessions will be included. Each day will have one hour lunch break in between. Every day starts at 9am and ends at 5pm.
  • Does the INTENSIVE Require Previous Experience?
    Nope! It’s open to at all levels. Our INTENSIVE participants vary widely in age, experience, vocation,…you name it. But please let us know if you have some specific physical problems or limitations that we need to know about. What’s key is the desire to grow and to help others do the same (whether that be through 1:1 Coaching, parenting, leadership, friendship, etc.)
  • When Does The INTENSIVE Start?
    Start: May 15 at 9am End: May 19 at 5pm

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