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The mindful use of the body creates a limitless spectrum of possibilities. Learning new movement patterns constantly will improve your body perception and thus make your physical possibilities more diverse and complex. ​


I am your movement coach from Berlin (Germany). As a movement specialist I worked with professional athletes like the WIBF Flyweight World Champ Alicia Holzken, the WBC "prospect of the year“ & international Boxer Sophie Alisch, Judoka from the german national team, MMA Fighter, professional dancer and many more. Along the way, I taught my knowledge of applied clinical and exercise physiology at a university as a lecturer. My goal is to help you to understand how your body is designed in it’s origin by learning new movement patterns, which will ensure an improvement of your body’s consciousness.


You’ll learn how to move your body as efficient as possible, which will recruit all your muscle fibres and possibly unknown muscle groups in order to move more pliable and graceful. ​


My journey as a Movement Coach includes traveling the world and sharing my passion with movement enthusiasts, high end wellness resorts and retreats.

Karimu Samuels Movement

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