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The story behind the



Learning in the deepest way possible:

about yourself through the process of movement and the human interaction


about the philosophy


about the knowledge behind physical & universal laws of human performance & locomotion


about methods how to become the best version of yourself - physically, mentally & intentionally!


A yearly EVENT that everybody is waiting for to join. 

A community get together filled with pure exchange of energy, love, movements, inner wellness, sweat, connect & celebrate -


An event that brings those together, who got interested through workshops, those who worked as deep as possible in the mentorships and of course those who are interested in movement in general and would like to join the tribe - to learn & grow in the best way possible of gathering as unity!

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Workshops are the best way of getting an impression of what movement is all about. 

Experiencing the fundamentals of movement will show you the beauty of what our human body's are capable of.

Every single movement based on strength, balance, coordination, mobility, rhythm, timing, sense of distance and so on.


Get an understanding of what it means to use your body in a more diverse, complex & graceful way.




Each pillar has it's own individual goal with a specific topic:

The MENTORSHIP is for those who would like to learn the essence of MOVEMENT

The RETREAT is a yearly gathering of likeminded - movement interested people

The WORKSHOP TOUR is a form of introduction into the WORLD OF MOVEMENT 

All together, it creates a perfect circle and a journey that brings Evolution & Transformation, Connection & Curiosity together to experience life in a total new way - through movement!

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What is Movement?

Movement is life. Life means to make experiences. Therefore it is about getting to know your body and yourself in a new way. Movement is about PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Stepping out of your comfort zone every single time to become the best version of yourself (physically & mentally)


It's about defining yourself in a completely new way - to learn how to move your body and mind in more diverse, complex and also graceful ways.

Movement = the path from the aesthetic to the functional. What is the point of having an aesthetic-good-looking body, but not being able to use it in its complexity!

Movement Inspiration